About Us

There is a massive shift happening right now towards cloud encryption and data sovereignty. Key management remains a challenge for most industries – especially for regulated and risk averse like Banking and Financial services & insurance but also Healthcare, and in much lesser extent to tech-savvy industries like IT and computer software. Whether you’re using DuoKey product(s) to securely enable your workforce or to deliver seamless customer experiences, we understand that our own security posture is a significant area of focus for you


Our Story

We are Key management experts with cumulative of 100 years in cryptography and keys management.

In 2019 and earlier, we witnessed numerous cybersecurity breaches, where hackers attacked a system’s weakest points. While data is mostly encrypted at rest and in transit, vulnerabilities occur when data is in use, or at runtime. In 2020, enterprises need to look to new encryption technologies paired with key management to protect sensitive data, particularly in cloud and multi-cloud environments. The current macro-economic climate fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing even more enterprises to move their sensitive workloads to public cloud. Securing data throughout its lifecycle is of paramount importance to them.

Key management and Cloud Security are mission-critical functions in modern organizations. Our customers trust DuoKey to safely protect and secure their encryption keys and data. That trust requires a service that is highly available and secure.

As DuoKey customer, you benefit from a service designed, built, maintained, and monitored to meet the rigorous Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations and industries

Our Vision

When protecting data in public cloud environments, a new approach has emerged around multi-party computation (MPC) which is a breakthrough technology. We collaborate with our customers to design and develop threshold cryptography key management solutions that fit and evolve with their business and their security objectives, with full regulatory compliance

Secure Multi-Party

Secure Multiparty computation (MPC) decentralizes cryptographic services so that no single party ever has visibility or access to an entire key – reducing the risk of theft or misuse.

Double Security

Fully software-based design easily adapts to changing and new requirements without classic hardware constraints like HSM

Innovation focused

Innovation is key to improving good corporate governance, growing our positive impact on society, managing resources more efficiently, discovering new solutions and opening business opportunities.


Who we are

DuoKey is a cybersecurity startup founded by experienced entrepreneurs and cryptographers. We are partnering with one of the top security firm that patented an innovative Multi-Party Computation (MPC) scheme bringing 8+ years of research in MPC and privacy-preserving encryption. We are part of the Microsoft for Startups – a global incubator program that helps scale promising technology. Are you excited at the challenge of keeping millions of customers’ data safe? Security is the #1 concern of our customers moving to the cloud and the DuoKey cryptography team is dedicated to providing the security features our customers need. We enable customers to confidently move sensitive workloads to the cloud where they can benefit from strong security controls that help meet internal and external compliance requirements. DuoKey Key Management Service is based on innovative Multi-Party computation (MPC) that provide encryption services and works also with FIPS-140 Level 3 or 4 HSM (Hardware Security Module)