Comparing Microsoft DKE and Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption

Data protection initiatives are focused on eliminating security gaps in the data lifecycle as you create, share, use, and store data. Google Workspace combined with DuoKey Client-Side Encryption module gives you and your people a simple way to share data without sacrificing security, privacy, or control – all while complying with important data privacy regulations. […]

DuoKey for Office 365 Double Key Encryption now available on Azure MarketPlace

Lausanne, Switzerland – October 14, 2021 Lausanne, DuoKey a niche leader in Multi-Party Computation as KmaaS (Key Management as Service), today announced its DuoKey for Office 365 Double Key Encryption (DKE365) is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Now customers can evaluate DKE365 directly from the Marketplace in a Free Trial model to manage and […]