DuoKey for Apps

DuoKey for apps encrypts and tokenizes data at the application level by providing a developer-friendly, scalable solution that has support for the largest variety of data sources


Encryption and Tokenization
encrypts and tokenizes data at the application level
Powerful RESTful APIs
Powerful RESTful APIs make it easy for developers to use and integrate data security into their applications
Support HSM and MPC
Provides a FIPS 140-2 level 3 HSM. Applications can standardize on a single source of cryptographic services

Support for APIs developers already use

For application consumption, it offers restful APIs that developers already use to enable modern cloud apps, as well as mobile apps, and supports traditional crypto interfaces such as KMIP, PKCS#11, JCE, CAPI and more enabling easy application integration. For C/C++ programmers, solution provides a PKCS#11 interface through library. Java programmers can access the platform through the JCE interface and through Java SDK

Highest level data security with HSM and MPC

With a FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified appliance, encryption keys and tokens get the highest level of security. Tamper resistant hardware enables developers to execute sensitive code inside the secure execution environment of an HSM or our MPC servers

Hold your own keys

Our KMS is simple container based key management solution that provides a fast to deploy, easy to access and secure key management solution. With no hardware or software to deploy or manage, customers get all the benefits of BYOK but with greatly reduced implementation and management overheads

Stop data leakage

With DuoKey, the end-user creates its keys, and they are never exposed to cloud providers regardless of their use in the cloud. The end-user controls the full key lifecycle and can instantly revoke keys at any time. These keys can be held in a protected virtual MPC node within the cloud or be held within a hybrid environment in an on-premise data center

Monitor key usage

Cryptographic keys often transition through several states that are a function of how long the keys have been in existence and whether they are currently being used to encrypt data.DuoKey provides a graphical user interface and a REST API for tracking keys as they move through several states in their lifecycle. The following diagram shows how a key passes through states between its generation and its destruction


Highly secure, always keep your sensitive data private

DuoKey secures data everywhere while enabling customers, not cloud providers, to always maintain control of their encryption keys and their data

standarlize policy3-01

Granular Access Control Equals Robust Security

Granular access control provides strong authentication and authorizes individuals to access only the information they are allowed to use and see.

DuoKey has resolved an operational headache for us by letting us managing all keys in one place

See our supported Key Vault for storing your encryption keys

DuoKey for Office365 can leverage on industry vendors HSM like ATOS, Thales, Securosys and Entrust but also integrate our innovative MPC KmaaS powered by SEPIOR MPC

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