why adding a second encryption on your database is worth than nothing

Secure your cloud data with Double Encryption

Data encryption is a process of encoding the data. It is mainly a two-way function, which means encrypted data has to be decrypted with a valid encryption key. Using our innovative MPC, the keys never exists in one place making it difficult to steal and accessible by third party.
Data-at-rest encryption solutions

Secure your Favorite Database using our native integration using MPC

DuoKey natively integrates withing your database via our PKCS#11 or EKM module
Duokey Key Management Platform

PROTECTED ACCESS to your encryption keys

We help you enforce the most secure access control process for your corporate cloud keys but also on-premise encryption keys through our DuoKey API.


NO LEAKAGE OR THEFT of encryption keys

The security guarantee we aim for and will achieve, is that any adversary in a leakage model, does not learn anything beyond the inputs of the corrupted parties and output values of the functions computed by the MPC protocol



Maintain privacy throughout collaboration workflows by protecting and controlling internal and external email and file sharing workflows with employees and partners

Data-at-rest encryption solutions

double encryption layer

We help you protect the confidentiality, integrity, and vailability of all your proprietary data.


Keep Your Data Secured at Rest

Database encryption provides enhanced security for your at rest and in transit data. Many organisations have started to look at data encryption seriously with recent security breach cases. In most cases, database servers are a common target for attackers because it holds the most valuable asset for most organisations. Once an intruder has gained access to valuable data from your server, chances are they will steal the data from it. They then use the data for ransom, data exploitation or other financial gains from the organisation they have attacked


DuoKey help us to safeguard and protect all our contractual agreements and trade secrets exchanged with our supplier


Protect any database at Rest, in-transit or in-use using MPC without the need of HSM

The large and increasing amounts of detailed (big) data make it possible to improve data-driven decisions, from overall strategic decisions to automated operational micro-decisions. With a large corporation one not only has a large number of keys to manage, but also a plethora of different cryptographic tasks which have to be performed on different data in different situations. The storage, control and usage of these keys are usually done using so-called hardware security modules (HSMs). 

For many cloud users, however, HSMs are out of reach because they are too expensive and do not fit well into a multi-cloud architecture. Our DuoKey KMaaS  is a solution to this problem tailored to the cloud computing environment. We make use of tailored MPC protocols to achieve key separation and control, and to mitigate the threat of locating keys in a single location.

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We support major database either on-premise or cloud-based DB